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Do Little Things Matter?

One of my favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama is this one:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

Many of us don’t do the little things that make a difference in how our customers regard us.  Things like sending a follow-up that actually summarizes a conversation. Or taking notes in a call and asking clarifying questions to make sure you understood. Or remembering to listen attentively and to keep your mind from wandering. It’s these little grace notes that differentiate us from the average sales person’s trite tune.

Learning the basics skill set is crucial, of course, and a fundamental understanding of the buying cycle from the customer’s perspective is essential.  But as in so many things in life, it’s the people who go one step beyond the expected who are most successful.

When you are reaching out for new business, making that one extra contact can be the effort that finally uncovers the opportunity as it rewards you in the prospect’s mind for persistence and follow-up. Checking your notes to make sure you and your customer are both clear on next steps and who is responsible for what by when instead of trusting your memory shows professionalism.  Sending a written thank you for an order shows good manners. What other little things do you do or have you done in the past that you feel made a difference?

Remember that people buy from people and maintaining trust and respect between two people often is no more than paying attention to the little things.  And like the mosquito that can keep you awake, anxious, and annoyed, failing to pay attention to the little things can drop you right back into the category of anxious, annoying salesman instead of a respected business professional.

Wishing you good selling!

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