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The year is ending. The days are short. The world feels cold. Our hearts ache from the news that bombards us: terrorist attacks, starving refugees, hate crimes and random shootings. All around us we see violence fed by hate and bitterness. How do we hold on to our beliefs? How do we maintain hope?

The answers to our suffering are not found in the speeches of politicians. The peace we crave is not found in shopping for the best gifts at the lowest prices. There is only one known antidote to hate, and that is love.

At the base of every religion is love; love for a higher power and love for our human family. More unites us than separates us. The Christmas season is called the season of love. Hannukah is the festival of light and celebration of miracles. Muslims revere Mary and Jesus just as Christians do. We need to remember that Jihadists are to true Muslims what the KKK is to Christianity: a forsaking of the principles of love and peace and a glorification of hatred.

Yes, I know I’m preaching. And what does this have to do with selling anyway? Selling that is based on principles of honesty and respect for both parties is what I teach and I believe that when we are our best selves on the job we have an effect on everyone we touch. Like a small candle, we light the corners where we work and live and with our actions, we lift the darkness that is fed by stereotypes and distrust and hatred. So this season no matter how tired you may be, no matter how bleak the world looks, remember that you are a light. You can make a difference. Every time you practice honesty, kindness, compassion you make it easier for someone else to do the same. Your example matters. You matter. We all do.