Coach Training

Business Coaching and Leadership Development

Sparker, The Coaching Company, offers several different programs to help managers and teams achieve greater success in business.

The Coaching Clinic®

The Coaching Clinic® is a 2-day workshop that helps managers and team leaders learn the essential coaching skills needed to help their team members achieve their best performance. A program of Corporate Coach University, The Coaching Clinic® includes:

  • workshop manuals
  • self-evaluation tools
  • workbook materials

It is delivered in a blend of facilitator presentation, group presentation, small group exercises, and video.

Essential Conversations for Developing Others®

Essential Conversations for Developing Others® helps managers and team leaders initiate the most difficult conversations with their employees, such as performance issues, personal issues, and the need for dramatic change. This workshop provides the tools and the practice to help the coach/manager achieve the best result in the face of personnel challenges. It also includes coaching in how to “manage up” by having essential conversations with your own manager.